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Roofs are what protect us from the elements, but over time, constant exposure to storms, rain, snow and even animals can leave your roof worse for wear and in need of repair. Whether you need minor roof leak repair or something major that can’t wait, give our team a call and we will have it repaired in no time.

Minor roof repairs

You walk into your living room and wonder why there is water on the floor, or you are lying in bed and can hear the drip, drip, drip of water drops falling somewhere in your home. After some investigation, you realize you have a leak in the roof. Don’t panic! Put a bucket under it and get on the horn to call us at Minneapolis Roofing Pros. A small amount of water damage can spread and become an expensive problem in no time. Due to this, we offer a fast and affordable roof leak repair service, fixing up minor damage before it spreads. 

Storm Damage to Roof

Mother nature can be unpredictable. A large storm can cause major damage to your roof due to falling trees or strong winds, exacerbated by rain and snow. With your roof damaged, suddenly the rest of your home is exposed to the elements with the potential risk of further, expensive damage. A damaged roof after a large storm requires a professional repair. At Minneapolis Roofing Pros, we understand that this is a stressful, upsetting experience for any homeowner and there are worries about roof repair cost, as well as further damage. Our team will get to the site quickly, provide a professional and expert assessment of the damage, and offer an upfront estimation of repair costs. Then we get the repair work started ASAP before more damage can occur. We have a large range of equipment and supplies to fix all types of roofs and our team members are trained and experienced in repair of major roofing damage.

Comprehensive Roofing Service

At Minneapolis Roofing Pros, we can repair all aspects of roof damage. If your gutters are clogged, they can fill with water and become weighed down, eventually falling apart all together. We can clear your gutters and repair any damage that may have occurred. If your shingles or pipe boots have started to deteriorate with age and exposure to the elements, water can start to leak into your roof and into your home, causing further damage. We can repair the underlying issues before this happens. We can repair skylights, chimneys and other masonry. Whatever damage has occurred to your roof, our skilled team has the knowledge and skills to get it repaired. We back our repairs with our industry-leading warranty. 

Thorough Evaluation and Fast Service

There are a lot of roofing companies around that just show up. They come and do some patch-job on roofs which won’t last. At Minneapolis Roofing Pros, we know that your roof protects your family and your largest investment, your home. So we treat every repair job with the seriousness it deserves. Our skilled team will come on-site to assess the damage. Whatever work needs to be done to your roof is discussed and an honest estimate is provided. During Minneapolis’ harsh winters, we know that a problem with your roof can’t wait, so we offer timely and efficient service.

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