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If you are considering upgrading your roof or looking for a roof for a brand new building, metal is a great choice. It comes with a number of practical advantages, as well as being one of the most versatile roofing materials on the market. Metal comes in a wide selection of colors and styles, including: sheet metal roofs, tiles, panels and shingles that can be tailored to suit the style of your home or business. Metal roofs are also extremely durable and can last a lifetime, making metal an excellent choice for commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you are considering copper, steel or aluminium for your roof, if you are looking for a metal roofing contractor here in Minneapolis, give our experienced team a call first. We have helped thousands of customers install, repair and maintain their metal roofs, and we have a selection of materials and styles that is unmatched.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Winter can be a very pretty time of year, but all that snow and ice that comes with the long Minneapolis winters can start to take their toll on your roof. Properly installed, metal roofs are a great choice for colder climates because the way the panels interlock make them almost impervious to snow and rain. When you select a metal roof with a darker tone there is the added benefit of the dark tone warming faster, encouraging ice and snow melt. Metal roofs are also long lasting with the life expectancy of a well-maintained metal roof being 50-75 years or even more. They are more resistant to wind damage and less likely to leak than other roof choices. Metal roofs are also fireproof and offer greater protection against damage from insects. With all these advantages, metal can be hard to beat if you are considering a new roof or an upgrade.

Upgrading to Metal Roofing

If you are considering upgrading your home’s roof to something more modern, you might want to consider metal roofing for a whole new look, rather than re-roofing with new shingles. A metal roof can add a sharp and contemporary look to a home, adding value. The range of color and styles available with metal are not found with other roofing materials. This allows you to find the exact style for your individual home or business.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing

The durability and longevity of metal roofs make them an ideal choice for commercial and industrial customers. If you are a business owner, we understand that it is important for you to make cost effective choices. Sheet metal roofs are easy to install, and their lightweight nature makes them easier to repair. At Minneapolis Roofing Pros, we are Minneapolis locals, so we know the importance of a roof being able to withstand snow and ice. All of our roofs are designed and built with long winters in mind; watertight and tough so you can be assured your business premises remains protected from the elements for decades to come.

Getting Your Metal Roof Installed

Metal roofs come with a lot of advantages, but none of this mean anything if the roof itself is not installed properly. Metal expands and contracts with the heat and if not expertly installed, this can lead to fasteners becoming loose and roof leaks can occur. Hiring an expert roofing company to install your roof can help prevent future repairs. At Minneapolis Roofing Pros, we have been installing and repairing metal roofs for residential and commercial customers for decades. Our years of industry experience insures we can get your roof installed properly and all of our work is backed by warranty.

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